Who Can Vote in Florey?

If you are unsure about whether you are in the Florey Electorate for the 2018 State Election you are in the right place!

‘New Florey’ is the current electoral boundaries as they currently stand after the boundaries were redrawn in the 2016 SA Electoral Commission Boundary Review.

The suburbs included within Florey are Ingle Farm, Modbury North, Para Vista, Pooraka, Valley View, and Walkley Heights – if you reside in those suburbs you can vote for Frances! The suburbs of Northfield and Modbury are split between Florey and neighbouring electorates so it would be worth clarifying what electorate you live in.

The Electoral Commission of South Australia have some handy resources to help find out which electorate you live in (avaliable here) and encourage people to call them on 1300 655 232. Otherwise, the Florey Electorate Office are happy to take your call!

New Florey

Florey 2018 Electorate Map

A PDF version of the map of the current Florey electoral boundaries can be downloaded here.

Old Florey

Old Florey

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