Florey’s Sporting Clubs

Ingle Farm Sporting Club (Senior Football)

Ingle Farm Sporting Club (Junior Football)

Ingle Farm Sporting Club (Cricket)

Ingle Farm Junior Soccer Club

Ingle Farm Amateur Soccer Club

Para Hills Gymnastic Club

Northern Districts Baseball Club

Ingle Farm Little Athletics Centre

Budo Kan Martial Arts – Ingle Farm

Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo SA – Ingle Farm

Pooraka Allstars Netball Club

Pooraka Junior Football Club

Pooraka Football Club

Pooraka Cricket Club

Pooraka Tennis Club

Metro United Womens FC

Gleeson FC

Greenacres Football Club

Payton Calisthenics College

Ingle Farm Recreation Centre

Ingle Farm Squash Club

Adelaide Pumas Soccer Club

Para Hills Knights Soccer Club

Para Hills Football Club

Para Hills United Soccer Club

Para Hills East Soccer Club

Para Hills Cricket Club

Para Hills Bowling Club

Para Hills Community Club

Adelaide Croatia Raiders Soccer Club

Para Hills Wanderers Netball Club


If you want to add your own club or association to this list, please get in touch! Team Florey is always happy to promote our local community groups.


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